Stelena + Season 1
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Paul Wesley at PaleyFest 2014

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That’s it. That’s the show. (x)

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Stefan Salvatore in every episode: 1x04 Family Ties.

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The day I b u m p e d into you, my life took a turn for the b e t t e r

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Anonymous: Hi! I don't ship SE but I can definitely see that a) SE were written infinitely better as a couple than DE and b) Nina and Paul being great actors don't need a storyline based on sexual tension to give us great performances. Let's be honest here, DE had great chemistry before getting together but since that crappy sirebond storyline they became utterly boring to me with all of Damon's manpain and "I'm bad for you" shit..How can DErs even like the way JP wrote their OTP since S4?

Damon’s been an abusive asshole since day one. How can anyone like the way they wrote him ever?

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Anonymous: why do u like stefan salvatore


alright anon, you really want me to go down this road?

just remember you asked for it

stefan salvatore is hands down my favorite fictional character and the reasons are endless. stefan is constantly trying to be a better person. sure, he might not always succeed and has made so many mistakes, but the difference between stefan and 90% of the other characters on tvd is that he’s trying to right his wrongs and to be a better man.

stefan salvatore is selfless, caring, forgiving, compassionate, respectful, loving, funny, sassy, attractive, supportive and just so much more. he left elena, the love of his life, and his life in mystic falls at the end of season two to save his brother’s life by giving himself over to klaus and becoming the ripper again, which he didn’t have to do. he didn’t owe his brother anything at that point and he still did it because damon is his brother and the guilt would eat away at stefan for the rest of his life if he let damon die.

stefan salvatore respects others choices, even if he doesn’t agree with them. yes, i know, he forced damon into becoming a vampire, but he learned from his mistake and that was clearly shown in 3x22 when elena asked stefan to save matt instead of her and he respected her choice. there are honestly a million other times when stefan has respected elena’s + others choices, but if i list them all i’ll be typing for hours.

stefan salvatore constantly puts the happiness of others before his own. stefan wanted elena to figure out her feelings for damon near the end of s3 and he didn’t care because he wanted elena to be happy, damon and elena had sex less than 24 hours after stefan and elena broke up, elena chose damon in the s4 finale and stefan heard the whole conversation, stefan left mystic falls so that damon and elena could be happy, stefan drowned in a safe repeatedly for 3 months while elena and damon completely forgot about him and didn’t even realize he was missing, throughout all of s5 all stefan wanted was for his brother and the love of his life to be happy, even if it meant that they would be together. any other person would have tried to win the love of their life back, but stefan salvatore didn’t because his brother’s happiness is more important to him than his own.

stefan salvatore deserves all of the happiness in the world, but if he had it, he’d end up giving it away anyway. 

so this was really long, but i think you get it.

i just really love stefan salvatore alright

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Anonymous: when does tvd come back

I hope it doesn’t

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i’m dying

It must have been opposite day.

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